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  • Our expertise covers new manufactured equipment, new & used surplus, reconditioned and
    re-purposed items. 


  • A unique approach to project management means working with your key stakeholders to identify your core objectives.

  • We compile a list of methods to achieve your goals, along with feasible alternatives to face the various issues that can arise during your projects.

  • RARE offers you expertise in every step of the process. Assisting your project managers and their teams in sourcing the most apt solutions. 


Fair Market Value Assessments

  • Detailed Inventory Service

  • Logistic Support

  • Technical Advice

  • Repair, re-purpose, recondition equipment for internal Re-Use

  • RARE Can work with teams to re use internal assets or supply assets from other large oil companies to reduce capital budgets 


RARE Oilfield Services specializes in new, reconditioned & field run single well, multi-well, satellite and plant facilities. We leverage years of field experience with global market knowledge in oil & gas production equipment. Our principals have in depth experience in plant & field operations, manufacturing, remanufacturing, repurposing and market supply and demand.

RARE will personally visit your site to do an external visual inspection and provide pictures of your pieces of equipment. Our sales  team will also provide an estimated "current market value".


Current Market Value or “CMV” takes several factors into account. It is not replacement cost, it considers general condition of the equipment, timing of the potential sale, disconnection, cleaning, liquids disposal, loading, transportation and current market conditions. There is also consideration given for how the equipment being valued will affect market conditions (potential flooding of the market etc.)

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