Surplus Management Monetization

  • “Bespoke” agreements for your surplus equipment
  • Outright purchase
  • Transparent commission consignment
  • Value added profit split consignment

“Boots On The Ground” Services

  • Detailed inspections & valuations
  • Used surplus equipment
  • Idle Inventory
  • Underutilized equipment
  • Suspended wellsite equipment
  • Acquired wellsite equipment
  • Divestible wellsite equipment
  • Boneyards
  • Contractor yards
  • Trucking or storage yards
  • Wellsite/boneyard cleanups
  • Project management

RARE - 5 Rs of Surplus Equipment

  • Resell - Identify a great piece of equipment, capture the details, ensure the integrity, and sell it to a new owner.
  • Recondition - Identify a great piece of equipment, ensure the integrity, breathe new life into it with required repairs/restorations and sell it to a new owner.
  • Repurpose - Identify a piece of equipment that can be utilized doing something other than its original design purpose, then find it a new home.
  • Reuse - Identify a piece equipment not being utilized or being underutilized and assist the equipment owner to put it into service at another location.
  • Recycle - Identify equipment that’s outlived its useful life and have it parted out or melted down.