(10) Brand New Surplus All-Metal PC Pump

Enhanced Oil Recovery SUPER Pump!

(10) Brand New Surplus All-Metal PC Pump

  • Condition

    Brand New (Surplus)

  • Features

    ► Never have a compatibility issue with elastomers

    ► High-temperature (HT) rating up to 660 degF [350 degC]

    ► Low internal shear

    ► Ability to steam through pump while downhole

    ► Adjustable rom to match reservoir inflow rates

    ► No gas lock

    ► The all metal progressing cavity pump (PCP) consists of a metal stator andmatching motor. With special metallurgy to resist wear and maximize run life. 

  • Applications

    Enhanced oil recovery methods, such as steam-assisted gravity drainage, cyclic steam stimulation, steam drive, solvent, electric heating, and infill wells.

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