Filter - Water Softening Package for Polymer Flood

Filter - Water Softening Package for Polymer Flood


940m3/day "turn-key" fully automated containerized water treatment plant.

In 2010-2011, FilterBoxx fabricated a water softening system for large conventional oil and natural gas producer in Coleville, Saskatchewan. The customer required the treatment system to produce soft water that they could use for their planned alkaline, surfactant and polymer (ASP) flood pilot. The purpose of the pilot is to prove that an ASP flood would increase the oil recovery from the Bakken reservoir, and it is hoped to implement a much larger commercial-scale project if the pilot proves to be successful. FilterBoxx provided a 940 m3/day “turn-key” fully automated containerized water treatment plant, including design, fabrication, shop assembly, inspection, testing, shipping, commissioning and start-up assistance. The water treatment package is designed to remove hardness and iron to meet the required treated water effluent quality, and the system is rated to provide the water required for ASP injection and additional volumes necessary for backwashing and regeneration of the softeners. The plant has been operating since March 2011 with minimal operator intervention. The plant has demonstrated its ability to provide the desired effluent at a recovery rate of 98%, saving significant water losses and costs for the client.


Stock Number15646
Design Capacity200-940 m3 /day
Design Water Temperature 5-10 degrees C
Design Inlet Hardness6.4 – 8.9 mg/L as CaCO3
Design Inlet Iron< 0.05 mg/L
Design Inlet TDS1,110-1,310 mg/L
Treated Water Hardness< 0.1 mg/L as CaCO